Aircraft innovations

Changes to the cozy design

Below are a few changes I made to the cozy….well, the ones that were successful.

Front wheel cover

Landing gear cover.

When I desire to “dirty up” my plane during landing, I can achieve a highly desirable glide slope. Similar to 30 degree flaps on a Cessna. I achieve this by lowering gear, deploying my landing brake, and slowing to 90 mph. I suspect this is because of the added drag from this front gear cover. You are looking at split cover from rear of plane.  It is secured to frame with 4 small diameter threaded screws.

Sorry for the poor pic, I’ll replace it with better one soon.

Latch mods, compression springs, longeron groove

Here’s three innovations in one photo.

The two compression springs below are the primary force for keeping canopy closed. That wide area washer against seat back is important to prevent force of springs from popping thru seatback.

I also modified the cam shape to prevent cam from sticking above longeron. 

For that matter, you can also see the groove I put in longeron to improve canopy air seal.