I like the KISS principle and I also want to be able to capitalize upon the experience of most of the other cozy builders and therefore am going to build a mostly by the plans Cozy. All of the modifications that I make with the exception of the Cozy Girl Strakes have been used in many other Cozys and in fact been quasi-endorsed by Nat. I don't want to go crazy with modifications otherwise I will never finish.

Intended Modifications

Possible Modifications

Beringer brakes I am thinking of  using these brakes but I still have a few questions about their capabilities that have to be answered before committing. Click here to see some pictures from Jean-Pierre ALAGNOUX's installation. In the end, I decided not to go with these and instead went with the upgraded heavy duty MATCOs

Documentation Modifications

Plans corrections/modifications third edition:
(Thanks to George Richards)
Updated corrections/modifications