I used to fly Radio Control models quite a bit before learning to fly the real mccoy. I worked on building a topflite corsair for about a year. It was the most sophisticated model that I had attempted. A full 6 channel model with flaps and retracts. First flight, a real sucess. Second flight, also quite good. On the third flight, I had the bright idea of trying the flaps. The plane seemed to fly well and could go really slow. It went so slow that I tip stalled turning to line up for final. A small spin and the airplane was destroyed and I was heartbroken. 12 years later, I am rebuilding to give me some building while I am waiting for various parts of the cozy to cure. Anyway, I think everyone now will understand my reluctance to fly slow during final in a real plane.

Ouch, no more firewall, all formers up to the wing leading edge destroyed.
This almost looks like a cartoon.
The wing got broken in two. Even the retracts were not unscathed.
.What a mess.
At least I kept all the pieces.
NG30s assembled, all holes fit perfectly and the NG30s remain well aligned.