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Chapter 8 Headrest, Heat Duct, Seat Belts, and Step

Started 09/02/2004 finished 11/06/04 Hours worked this chapter :24.0

To avoid a problem in chap 18 step 6 installing canopy hinges is done now. The picture shows the hinges being held in place by the level until the flox has time to cure. Next six bolts are installed through the longerons. If you waited until chap 18 the shoulder support would be in the way for one of the bolts.

Glassing the inside of the shoulder support is done in a little different way than the plans say. 

While the glass is still wet I floxed in the nut plats and 1 1/4" aluminum squares for the seat belts. I drilled a pilot whole in the center of each nut plate through the wood and glass on the shoulder support so as to be able to locate them when the shoulder support is mounted on the seat back.

   Here you can see the shoulder support mounted on the seat back, and if you look closely you can see the pilot holes. To keep the epoxy out of the hole during the 2 BID lay-up I put tooth picks in each hole and cut them off flush with the 12 plies of BID in each hard point. I will drill them out to the correct size once the 2 BID lay-up is complete using the pilot hole as a guide to the center if each nut plate.

Shoulder support all glassed in with peel & ply on taped areas. 

Hard points for seat belt shoulder supports. I put a small pilot hole in the center of each nut plat and then drilled them to size after cure. I did not have to cut slots in the shoulder support.

Parts for the back section of the heat duct all ready to be glassed.   

Here you can see the transition part of the heat duct with the glass and peel & ply on wax paper.

Here the inside gets glassed Then put together with flox and shirt pins. I found that pins work well for small parts and are easer to pull out of the cured flox, less damager too. Sand the sharp edges round so the glass will not bubble.

You can see the seat hard point under the glass before the 7 layer reinforcement lay-up is on.

The next picture show the reinforcements for the seat belt hard points.

In this picture you can see the seat belt bolt that go though the lower longerons.

Seat belt bolts countersink.  

Here I have test fitted the seat belt aluminum connectors  

I will purchase the step when I order all the metal part for the next chapters from Ken Brock Manufacturing. I will test fit the step with final installation during the finishing process.

This seat belt hard point is larger then the other to accommodate the step bolts, this finishes chapter 8.

On to Chapter 9.

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