Flights 3,4, and 5
Flight 3    0:12                       1795 Lbs 99.9                          2 Sep 2004
This was a short flightdue to high oil temps. I took off from CNO runway 26L and climbed at 90 kts to pattern altitiude. I stayed in the pattern and read 270 deg F oil temp on down wind. The coolant temp had been up to 220 during the climb but dropped to 200 when I leveled off. The oil didn't drop right away so to be safe I put it back down. The landing was very smooth with approach at 90 kt and slowing to 80 before touchdown.
Flight 4    1:03                        1783 Lbs  99.9"                    14 Sep 2004
I installed an Aero Classics 13 row oil cooler in the right lower cowl with a scoop to force air into the cooler and exit thru the prop openning. The cooler oil and hoses added 7 lbs at the rear. I took off from CNO runway 26R (4800'). The tower let me stay in the pattern and climb to 2500' (1850 agl). The climb out was at 90 kts but with this prop full throttle was only 4100 RPM and gave me only about 600fpm. After I leveled off and pulled the power back to 3800 RPM (2054 prop) the coolant came down to 195 and the oil to 225. I made a run at 130 kias where the RPM was 4200 with a MAP of 22.5". The coolant temp was 213 F and the oil 230. I then took it up to 140 kias . The oil temp rose to the mid 240's and ocaisionally hit 250. I slowed back down and they cooled back to 230. I contacted SoCal approach and climbed up to 4500. I repeated the 140 kias point and saw the same temps. I did get an RPM and power point of 4550 RPM and 23.6" MAP. The coolant was only 203 F. OAT was 88 on the ground. I should have gotten a reading in the air. I must have made 13 circuits around Chino's extended pattern, some left and some right. I did some steep turns which were nornmal. I then decended to a standard pattern and landed on 26R. Another smooth landing. I guess I didn't forget how to land. Total fuel burn was 7 gal for the 1.0 hour flight.

The left brake has a squeek.
There was a tiny streak of fuel out the vent. Strange, since the takeoff fuel load was only 17L and 4R.
There was a small streak of oil on the lower cowl.
The pitch trim friction is too light.
EFFIS roll attitude drifts  
Weak side tone in the number 2 radio.
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Flight 5    0:56                  1900 lbs 100.2"                           19 sep 2004
Since flight 4, I installed turning vanes in the NACA scoop and in the oil cooler scoop. I also swapped out the EIS and AHRS units with updated ones with new software too. The flight profile is pretty much the same as Flt. 4 except that I climbed to 5500' and flew that to French Valley and returned at 6500'. In the climb the temps were still high. I kept the speed up to get more air in the cooling system, so, only had about 300-500 FPM climb at 110 KT.  The coolant was up around 215 and the oil bouncing around 230-245. I leveled off at 2500' for a while at 120 kias. The oil cooled to 210. I climbed up to 5500' and leveled off at 120 kias. Here the coolant was 195 deg F and the Oil was 210. I got Oil Temp, Coolant Temp, MAP and RPM data at 120 thru 150 kias at 5500' and OAT 57. I plotted the data in the chart below. The 160 Kias points are extrapolation. The 150 Kias works out to 189 MTAS and estiamted 170 HP. I think pretty close to expected for no wheel pants. IN the chart below RPM is at the engine and has been divided by 10 to fit the scale better. The percent power is to small to fit on this scale (at 150ktias  it was 72%. It looks like the temps are very level with speed so I'll try full throttle next time. Extrapolating the RPM it looks like if I get 160 KIAS top speed with pants and full power the prop will top out at 5000 RPM, so I can afford to re-pitch the prop up 200 RPM. I sure need that much and more at the static and takeoff/climb condition! The GPS and EFIS worked great. And so did the #2 (Narco) VOR. The terra didn't work but I didn't spend time at it. Still had a fuel vent condition. I'll square off the vent tube to get more air pressure and see if it stops.