EAA Technical Councilor Visit Log

I am very excited that Gary Hunter will be my technical councilor as he has more composite experience than just about anyone out there.


Link to the EAA visit guide sheet.


1/10/09 - His first visit was with me today.  He must have sensed that I was in desperate need of help over the phone. He said that all my bulkheads look fine, even my first effort (the seat back) where I used too much micro. He also said my left side panel looked good as well. Thought the right side panel will have to be replaced or repaired. He figured it would be easier to start from scratch rather than trying to get the laminates off, but suggested that it may be possible.


Click the date above to get the official form of the visit. Eric Westphal was able to come out and meet with us over lunch at Hooters nearby. It is nice to spend time with these guys and easy to see why folks keep wanting to spend time together. We all share the same passion. I am planning on getting to my first Oshkosh this summer and cant wait.