Progress and Planning for Cozy Mark IV serial #1551

Chapter 4 - Fuselage Bulkheads (100% complete)

2 months (I am not concerned about counting hours).

Chapter 16 - Control System (not started)

Nothing special to add here except that I most likely will be installing the Cozy Girl control bearings instead of the standard bushings as the control response is supposed to be greatly improved.

Chapter 5 - Fuselage Sides (100% complete)

8 months and lots of education (i.e. fixes). I also let life get in the way here, but still managed to finish ... eventually.

Chapter 17 - Trim System (not started)

I will be installing electric trim for the elevators at least and will make the decision of the ailerons as I get closer.

Chapter 6 - Fuselage Assembly (100% complete)

4 months and working carefully saves allot more time than having to do things over again or make a local fix. I only have a few of the inside tapes left to do before its officially done.

Chapter 18 - Canopy & Turtleback (not started)

I will be using a front hinged canapy (FHC) design as several accidents have been attributed to the side opening canopy. I might also go with a slightly taller turtleback and canopy, but will decide when I can sit in the fuselage and see how I fit.

Chapter 7 - Fuselage Exterior (100%)

4 months and I am finally feeling more comfortable with the large layups and am really having fun. I still can't wait to fly her, but at least I am enjoying the build.

Chapter 19 - Wings, Ailerons & Wing Attach (not started)

Chapter 8 - Head Rest & Seat Belts (100%)

I am going with the car type head rests instead of the plans method, but I will need to modify the canopy to add some roll over protection. I will leave off the external step since the Cozy Girl Struts will block their use. I will decide how to get in when I can test it out.

Chapter 20 - Winglets & Rudders (not started)

Chapter 9 - Main Gear, Wheels & Landing Brake (100%)

I will be installing the electric landing brake assembly and am using Matco brakes instead of the plans Cleveland's which are short on stopping power.

Chapter 21 - Strakes, Fuel & Baggage (not started)

I plan on extending the leading edge of the strake near the fuselage just like the Cozy Girls did on their Cozy.  I have not checked to see if they are offering the plans, but it looks pretty simple.  This allows increased arm room and more storage in the cockpit for the pilot and passenger.

Chapter 10- Canard (not started)

I am using precut cores from Eureka as the cost of raw foam is not a whole lot less than his finished cores cost.

Chapter 22 - Electrical (not started)

All glass panel planned with dual EFIS (Dynon?) units. I am undecided on which system to put in as the field keeps changing. I also like the functionality of the VP-X (Vertical Power) for electrical system control as it simplifies wiring and increases function.So I will hold off on these decisions until just before I need to.

Chapter 11 - Elevators (not started)

Chapter 23 - Engine Installation (not started)

Planning on using a mid time Lycoming 0-360 (or 0-320) with mags and carb for simplicity of testing.  The propulsion system is something I don't want to play with until I have Phase1 testing completed.  After which I may move to a diesel if they have been sufficiently developed so that I don't have too. Delta Hawk has an intriguing diesel package, but for 60k, and not quite ever being ready ... we will see.

Chapter 12 - Canard Installation (not started) Chapter 24 - Covers & Fairings (not started)

Chapter 13 - Nose, Nose Gear & Brakes (not started)

I have very slightly modified the nose shape (using Rhino) to make its upper profile a fairer curve. I am going with electric nose gear and I am switching to the Matco (triple puck) brakes since some have reported they work better.

Chapter 25 - Finishing (not started)

There are several techniques that are being used to short cut this process and I will be doing more research as I get closer.  Since frankly I hate sanding.

I am also planning on the typical white, but want to add accents with the bald eagle and American flag. Not quite as extreme as Dick Rutans Berkut, but it certainly caught my eye when I first saw it.

Chapter 14 - Center Section Spar (not started)


Chapter 26 - Upholstery (not started)

Functional/Comfortable and Simple is my goal here.  This is easy enough to upgrade later if I decide to.

Chapter 15 - Firewall  (not started) Miscellaneous -