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Chapter 12 Canard Installation

The mantra for this chapter: Level, perpendicular, and canard incidence.

The canard is centered on the canard cut out. Instead of mounting the upper firewall per plan, I extended the aft centerline with a short stick.  This will aid in setting the perpendicularity of the canard.

The firewall centerline stick is better seen in this photo.  The canard starboard lift tab needed a 1/8" spacer to maintain perpendicularity

Here is the alignment pin temporarily placed, backwards no less.  I am concern about the gap between the canard TE and the F-28 bulkhead.  It seems I had measured the canard cut out 6.25" dimension from the foreward face of F-28 to the aft of F-22, not accounting for the extra 1/4" F-22 thickness.  The 1/4" Birch plywood tab for the alignment pin will not bridge the gap.

After consulting with a few builders and searching the archives, I decided to extend the canard TE areas near the alignment tabs with 3 BID plies.  An additional ply of BID was added to the front and aft tab layup.

Here is the lift tab drilled out to 1/4".  Notice the 1/8" BID buildup to maintain canard perpendicularity.

The remainder of the chapter consisted of trimming the elevator inboard edge and clearance for the torque tube.  Pretty easy stuff except that I had a difficult time reinstalling the elevator hinge pins through the canard.  Since I didn't build the canard/elevator and didn't want to risk damaging the pieces, I was reluctant to flip the canard to facilitate the hinge pins insertion.

That completes the majority of this chapter.  This is the point where I will depart from the plans' build sequence.  It has been suggested to me by several experienced builders to work on the fuselage interiors while it's easily accessible.  So my next step is to install the control systems in chapter 16.

Remi's Cozy Mk IV Project: Chapter 12 Canard Installation

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last modified: January 1, 2007