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Chapter 16 Control System

This is a fun chapter, a break from the usual fiberglass routines.  As suggested by others, I used Rick Maddy's control system diagram to grasp the big picture.  I used a chop saw to cut the tubings and a drill jig to drill the tubes.

I'm waiting for the CS-181 inserts, to finish out the elevator push rods.  The torque tubes are drilled and installed towards the aileron bell crank at the firewall.  Alignment of the aileron control system will have to wait until after the wings are finished.

The CS-181 inserts arrived and I was able to connect the elevator push rods.   There were no surprises, just followed the plans.  Completion of this chapter, attaching the aileron push rods, will take place at a later date, once the wings are completed.

Remi's Cozy Mk IV Project: Chapter 16 Control System

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last modified: April 05, 2009