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Chapter 8 Head Rest & Seat Belts

This is the chapter with lots of little tasks and where modifications abound among builders.  I will omit the plan step and opt for the retractable version.  The dunce caps aka headrests are frequently modified.  I'm undecided on using them at this time so they are made and set aside.

The shoulder support was constructed per plans.  Placement of the shoulder hardpoints were adjusted to avoid having to cut into the dunce caps.  After sitting in Bill Kastenholz's Cozy with the Hooker Harnesses, I'm convinced that those are too cool and comfortable to not have in my plane.

The nutplates were flush riveted onto the aluminum squares, floxed onto the birch hardpoint squares and #4 3/8" screws were placed to further prevent the nutplates from spinning free after installation.  The 1/4" holes for the AN4 bolt were covered with candle wax to prevent clogging by the epoxy.  The shoulder support will then be pieced together, glassed and installed per plans.

Following Bernie Siu's example, I made the rear seat heat duct to conform the fuselage curvature with little sanding.  It turned out better than I had hoped.

Remi's Cozy Mk IV Project: Ch. 8 Head Rest & Seat Belts

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last modified: April 05, 2009