Chapter 20 Winglets

Sunday July 20, 2014

The winglets are the vertical stabilizers at the wing tips and also contain the rudders. These should be pretty simple to make the difficulty comes in making the hinged rudders similar to the ailerons on the wings. I'll also be doing the hidden bellhorn modification which adds some complexity.


Here is the result of our hot wiring, pretty straight forward except that the airfoil template at the tip is much smaller than the template at the base which means the person at the tip is moving the hotwire very slowly while the person at the base is going as fast as possible. It gets tricky for the person moving slowly not to burn the foam. I set the voltage lower so the wire wouldn't be so hot. We got a little bit of burning but not bad, easy to fill with some micro.


Here the foam cores are ready for the layup. The hotwired foam beds are bonded to the table with some micro/flox and then the foam cores are nailed to the foam bed to keep them straight. The second picture shows the foam cores mircroed.


Here is the completed layup consisting of two plies of UNI angled corner to corner and a smaller ply of BID at the base.


June 28 & 29 Columbia Canard Fly-In Photos.

Lynn and I went to the Columbia Canard flyin to get some inspiration.


Marc Zeitlin and his plane always answering questions.



David Orr "Beagle" in his beautiful Berkut.


The Cozy Jet! - "Kerosene Dreams"



Lynn and I really like this Cozy MKIV.



There was a good turn out of airplanes, probably 20+.


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