Chapter 12: Canard installation into fuselage

This is a very short chapter but it is also one of the most important. It is critical that the canard is installed at the proper angle (incidence) in relationship to the fuselage and main wing. This is what gives the canard design its stall resistance. The canard is installed at a higher angle of attack than the main wing. This will ensure that the canard will stall before the main wing will stall, thus averting the stall/spin scenario that accounts for approximately 25% of all GA accidents and a much greater percentage of fatal accidents.

It was also an exciting chapter because it is the first airfoil that starts making the boat look like a plane.

9/8/02 - Cleaned garage, relocated and leveled work table for canard installation into fuselage.(1hr)

9/9/02 - Fabricated 2 canard locating pins. Leveled fuselage in all directions. Sanded F22 so canard would lay level on F22. Checked canard measurement to center of firewall per plans. Off only 1/16" on port side. Trimmed fuselage for canard incidence. 3.5 hrs.

Here is the locating pin installed at the end of the wooden longeron. This will locate and hold the canard at the proper angle of incidence.

9/10/02 - Sanded fuselage sides for proper canard incidence. Laid up 5 ply bid pad to port side of F22. 1.5 hrs.

9/13/02 - Fabricated alignment tabs for rear of canard. Checked fuselage and canard for level and incidence. Installed and laid up front side of alignment tabs per plans. 2.5 hrs.

Here are two pictures of the tabs. the one on the left is in the process of glassing and the finished one is on the right with the CN-2 bushing installed. The bushing is what the locating pin goes into.

9/14/02 - Shaped, cut glass, microed, lay up, and knife trimmed rear portion of canard locating tabs. Installed CN-2 bushing into tabs. Trimmed elevator inboard ends to clear fuselage sides. Clearanced fuselage sides so offset would fit properly. 3.0 hrs

Here the canard is in place at the proper incidence. Glad this was a short chapter. As you can see, I have a tandem two stall garage...plenty of room length wise but width is obviously lacking.....

Here is the clearance space between the elevator and the fuselage. Some builders are fabricating a small fairing off of the side of the fuselage so the elevators look more finished. I will wait to see this mod in person to see if it is worth doing or not.

9/15/02 - Fabricated canard offset inserts. Glassed inserts and fuselage sides up to longeron doubler and face of F28 per plans. 4.0 hrs.

Here is the gap were the elevator offset goes into the fuselage. This gap is sealed with foam/glass so less air (cold air @12,000')and water can get into the fuselage. The finished insert is on the right.

9/16/02 - Trimmed layup on canard inserts. Floxed attachment pins into longeron doubler. This ends Chapter 12. 1.5 hrs.

Total time: 17.0 hrs.