Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is the first construction chapter. Chapter 1 deals with the license agreement with Nat Puffer (designer) to only build one airplane with the set of purchased plans.

Chapter 2 contains the parts list for the project while chapter 3 is the education chapter on composite construction techniques.

10/10/01 Traced and cut out seatback bulkhead foam. 1 hour.

10/11/01 - Beveled seatback, slurried and glassed front of seatback. Cut out F22 and F22 doubler templates and foam cores. 5.3 hours.

10/12/01 Cut templates and foam cores for instrument panel and F28 bulkheads.

10/13/01 - Finished trimming instrument panel foam core. Trimmed seatback edges and map pocket. Cut out templates and foam cores for front and rear landing gear bulkheads. 5 hours.

10/14/01 - Made flox corners on seatback, layed up the aft side of seatback bulkhead. 3.3 hours.

10/19/01 - Cut glass for F28, F22, and F22 doubler. Beveled F22 doubler foam core for transition onto F22. 1.3 Hours.

10/20/01 Slurried and glassed aft side of F28, aft side of F22 and installed F22 doubler onto F22. Cut out 22 ply of Bid and layed up for landing gear hardpoints. 7.8 hours.

To get exactly the " thickness that was called out, I placed " spacers around the layup and weighed it down to the spacers.



Here the F22 doubler is epoxied onto F22 and weighted down during cure.



10/21/01 Trimmed F22 and F28 bulkheads. Layed up front side of F28 and F22. 5.8 hrs.

10/22/01 - Cut out hardpoints for landing gear bulkheads. Trimmed F28 and F22. Layed up aft side of instrument panel. 5.3 Hrs.

10/23/01 Epoxied hardpoints and layed up front landing gear bulkhead. Trimmed aft side of Instrument panel and layed up front side of IP. 5.5 Hrs.

10/24/01 - Trimmed IP and front landing gear. Cut out paper template for firewall. Layed up aft side of front landing gear. Epoxied hardpoints into place and layed up aft side of rear landing gear bulkheads. 6.5 Hrs.

10/26/01 Layed up IP stiffeners. Layed up front side of rear landing gear bulkhead. 5.8 Hrs.

10/27/01 Trimmed aft landing gear bulkhead. Cut out firewall. Cut out aluminum inserts and glassed aft side of firewall. 4.5 Hrs.

10/28/01 Trimmed firewall, ground and floxed screws into firewall and layed up front side of firewall. 3.5 Hrs.

10/29/01 Trimmed firewall, traced temporary firewall onto " plywood. .5 Hrs.

10/30/01 Drilled front landing gear bulkheads. Traced elevator holes and electric conduit holes on IP. 0.4 Hrs. This completes Chapter 4. Total hrs. 65.8

Completed firewall with engine mount inserts and floxed screws.

Here are the templates with their accompanying paper templates on the left.