FireFlys' Cozy Mark IV, #1500

Dedicated to those that lost their lives on 9/11





{Pre-Plans Preparation - Chapter "0"}, Description and Info, B.O.M., Education
4 Building the Fuselage Bulkheads
5 Building the Fuselage Sides
6 Assembling the Fuselage
7 Fuselage Exterior
8 Headrests and Seatbelts
9 Landing Gear and Landing Brake
10 Building the Canard
11 Building the Elevators
12 Canard Installation
13 Nose, Nose Gear and Rudder/Brake Pedals
14 Building the Center Section Spar
15 Building the Firewall
16 Installing the Control System
17 Installing the Trim System
18 Installing the Canopy and Turtleback
19 Building the Wings, Ailerons, and Wing Attach
20 Building the Winglets and Rudders
21 Building the Strakes, Fuel Tanks, and Baggage Space
22 Installing the Electrical System
23 Installing the Engine
24 Installing Covers and Fairings
25 Finishing (Painting, etc.)


Installing the Upholstery


N911HF - No 911 Heroes Forgotten