Chapter 13: Pitot Tube

While the plans pitot tube is more than adequate, the tubing that sticks out is weak and is usually bent at airshows when someone steps on it.  It's also very cosmetically challenged.  So what I did was order a $25 pitot tube mast from Aircraft Spruce.  It not only looks like what a REAL pitot tube is supposed to look like (ahem), I made it to be removable.  I kept the traditional pointy end and whacked off the other end that normally bolts into the mast receptacle on Cessnas and other planes.  The pitot tube is 5/8th inches in diameter and slips nicely into some 3/4-inch tubing left over from the Chapter 16 control systems installation.  I threaded the whacked end so that it screws into the blue fitting you see here.  The blue fitting will eventually be permanently epoxied to the 3/4-inch tube.  I cut off what was left of the vertical plywood bulkhead and fitted the pitot tube as per the picture below.  I glassed over it with 3-BID on the top and 3-BID on the bottom.  I haven't decided yet on the length of it.