Chapter 16: Pivot Mounts (Bearing Blocks)


Step 1 - Fabricate the Pivot Mounts


In years past, phenolic material was used as the bearings for the CS109 and the CS118 bearing blocks.  But now, the Chapter 16 kit comes with 4 plastic swivel bearings that appear adequate enough to do the job.  I fabricated the CS109 and CS118 bearing blocks with a smaller hole (1-1/8th inches) to match the diameter of the bearing housing. 


Per plans, you make and assemble the bearing blocks in Step 1 and install them as part of Step 3.  The bearing blocks, which are extremely wimpy at this point in time, get beefed up structurally once they are glassed to the armrests in Chapter 24.  I chose not to follow the plans and instead make my armrests to be removable.  So I added triangular birch pieces between the fuselage and the bearing blocks to take up the control thrust loads normally taken up by the armrests.   


These pictures were taken before I modified the stub on the control handle.  Also, later when installing the canard push-tubes, I found that the push-tubes hit the bottoms of the CS109s.  So I had to trim them quite a bit for clearance.  I'm pretty sure this is due to my specific installation.  But it's another reason for adding the triangular supports.

Front Seat CS109 with birch triangle support
Rear Seat CS118 with birch triangle support


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