Chapter 16: Fabricate the Parts


Step 2 - Fabricate the Parts


The parts list is shown on Chapter 16, page 1, in the Schedule B.  Again, Don't cut your tubes until you've had a chance to measure and verify their lengths.  As I mentioned in my general comments, I found I had to modify the lengths of many of the tubes to take into account the plastic bearings and some inconsistencies in the plans drawings.


It took me a while to comprehend what tubes went where.  So hereís my cheat sheet.  Also, you donít have to cut some of these tubes if you buy the Brock pre-fab parts.


            Canard Push Tubes:  (two tubes each with quick disconnects)

CS136 -- (Al) upper pushrod from NC12 canard elevator control arm to canard disconnect

CS102 -- (Al) lower pushrod from canard disconnect to control handle


Forward Control Assemblies

CS107 -- (Al) short, two-holed tube forward of CS109 bearing.  The roll trim horn is bolted to this tube.

CS106 -- (Steel) insert that goes through the CS109 bearing

CS105 -- (Al) torque tube from CS109 bearing block, through front seatback, to universal joint ahead of CS118 bearing block

CS112 -- (Steel) insert pressed through CS106 and CS105 for control handle pivot

CS104 -- (Al) tube that fits over control handle stub

CS201 -- Control Handle bushings.  Not needed if you buy Brock pre-fab parts.


Aft Control Assemblies

CS116 -- (Al) short torque tube between universal joint and CS118 bearing

CS115 --  (Steel) insert for CS118 bearing

CS121 -- (Al) long torque tube between CS118 bearing and aileron crank tube (CS122)


Aileron Firewall Assemblies

CS122 -- (Steel) tube used to make aileron crank.  Not needed if you buy the Brock pre-fab crank.

CS125L -- (Steel) tie-rod between the aileron cranks.

CS126L -- (Steel) inboard pushrod between aileron crank and quick disconnect near wing root

CS126 -- (Steel) outboard pushrod between quick disconnect and CS128 bellcrank in wing root


Aileron Wing Root Assemblies

CS129 -- (Steel) wing root push tube between CS128 bellcrank and CS132R aileron crank

CS131 -- Spacer for the CS128 bell cranks and CS127 brackets.


The Need for Quick Disconnects


I asked the Cozy e-mail group if the quick disconnects were necessary for the canard push tubes (CS136 + CS102) and the aileron push tubes (CS126 + CS126L).  Why do I need two tubes when one will do?  An overwhelming majority said "yes" to the canard quick disconnect.  So, I will leave the canard push tubes per plans.  I followed Ken Miller's advice and replaced the clevis pin and safety pin with an AN3 bolt.


The "QDs" for the aileron tubes are holdovers from the Vari EZE days when it was vogue to pull off a wing and put two or three Vari EZEs into a single hangar.  I see no need for this on a Cozy, so I will make the CS126/CS126L as single tubes.

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