Chapter 17: Throttle Quadrant

Step 4:  Throttle Quadrant

(Modified from the plans version.)

I chose to use the 3-lever, reversing throttle quadrant from Wicks (Part # NRF3).  This quadrant uses standard aircraft push-pull cables, which I consider an advantage over the Brock bicycle cables.  This quadrant is made from aluminum levers sandwiched between stackable phenolic blocks.  It is 2.25 inches wide and fits perfectly into the console.  The quadrant can be unbolted and the levers restacked in any order you want.  I removed the prop control lever (the one in the middle), and restacked the quad with the two remaining levers (throttle and mixture).  I can always add the prop control lever if someone some day miraculously invents a lightweight, inexpensive, electrically-controlled constant speed prop. :-)   I made a small recess into the side of the center console to accommodate the knob for the adjustable friction lock.  I never liked the Brock quadrant being buried so low between two sweaty thighs.  So I mounted the quadrant up higher in the center console than per plans.  The throttle lever is ergonomically positioned at nearly the same location as the control sticks. 

The quadrant is held to each side of the console with screws and nutplates.  I cut some circles from phenolic sheet and epoxied them into the sides of the console in place of the foam.  I drilled them and countersunk them to accept the attachment screws.

The remaining steps are to install the control cables and fabricate/install a bracket under the console to secure the cables.  That will come much later after the engine is installed.


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