Chapter 18: Canopy Drip Rail


Canopy Drip Rail

Most astute builders will recognize that the plans are extremely fuzzy about what to do with the drip rail as it meets the upper longerons.  It makes no sense to have a drip rail collecting water only to have the water running down the drip rail into the fuselage.

So I created a spout so the water is carried to the outer edge of the top longerons. 

After finishing the top strake fairings, I shaped a small chunk of urethane block that was as thick as the drip rail is wide.  I used dabs of 5-minute glue and attached the block into the drip rail and onto the front face of the upper strake fairing (at the cut line).  I rounded off the foam block to conform to the drip rail.  I glassed 2-BID around this block to form the forward lip of the spout.  I also overlapped the layup onto the top longeron, inside edge of the longeron, and around the existing drip rail.  Once that cured I gently sanded the foam between the forward lip and the face of the strake fairing to form the inside of the spout, ensuring that the trough transitioned nicely from the drip rail to the outside edge of the top longeron.  I then glassed 1-BID into the trough, extending onto the drip rail and onto the top longeron.