Chapter 23: Mounting the Engine

Step 2:  Mounting the Engine


I initially installed the engine just after returning from the AirVenture Cup Race '03 and Oshkosh '03.  I installed the engine originally so I could verify the mount would work, and to fit the cowls to the fuselage. 


I had access to an engine hoist.  So I didn't bother building the engine stand.  I unpacked the engine from its wooden storage box and installed the mount to the engine.  One thing you must understand about a dynafocal mount is that you must install all four lord mounts and bolts all at the same time.  To simplify this "procedure", I temporarily taped the two halves of each lord mount in place, moved the engine mount into position (it fit perfectly), and slid all four bolts into place.  I hoisted the engine into place and positioned the mount against the firewall.  All four bolts slid into place and voila, I HAD 200 HORSES ON THE BACK OF MY PLANE!!!  I know I'll have the engine on and off the plane several more times, but WHAT A MILESTONE!   I am a VERY HAPPY CAMPER!!  I just had to roll it outside for a few pictures.


Once back into the hangar I bagged the engine to protect it from dust and epoxy while I fitted the cowlings.  And whatever you do, heed the advice in the plans and put alot of weight in the nose.  Else, the plane WILL roll over backward.