Chapter 23: Exhaust System

Step 4: Exhaust System

I bought the 4-pipe exhaust system from Custom Aircraft Parts.  Custom has a good reputation for solid workmanship.  Their pipes don't crack at the welds and don't come apart on you like pipes from some of the vendors out there.  You don't want exhaust pipes to come apart, because when they do, they usually go through the prop and break a blade or two.


I'm installing the pipes per plans.  I didn't go with the in-cowl exhausts because I didn't want to cook the prop.  Here are a few pictures.  Installation couldn't be easier.  Simply bolt the slip joint to the engine.  Then slip the pipe over its slip joint.  Springs hold the pipe in place.  The aft ends of the pipes are held in place by the baffling that's installed later on.


At the time these pictures were taken, I still have the A-sump on the engine.  I had not changed to the C-sump.