Chapter 23: Cylinder Head Baffles

Step 7:  Cylinder Head Baffles

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(Updated 4/9/2012)


The cylinder head baffles force cooling air through the fins on the cylinder heads. 

The inter-cylinder head baffles are one-half of the baffling needed to force cooling air through the cylinder heads.  (The "other half" is the outer baffles attached to the front and aft baffles.) 


The first picture shows one of two inter-cylinder head baffles that get installed on top of the engine between the cylinder heads.  The second picture shows how it is inserted between the cylinder heads.  These are made from 0.025 aluminum.  It took me a while to figure out how to bend the metal.  I scrapped a few of them before I got it right.  The top baffles are held into place with safety wire to the bottom baffles.  This is the only place where safety wire is used on my system.  The third picture is my version of the outer head baffles.  I made them as single parts rather than bolting or riveting them to the forward and aft baffles.