Chapter 23: Oil Cooler

Step 7:  Oil Cooler

(In work)

(Updated 4/9/2012)


(Not per plans)


The plans offer two suggested locations for mounting the oil cooler -- one on the top cowl near the firewall and one in the wing root on the lower cowl.   I didn't use either location because my new updraft cooling plenum blocks all cooling air from reaching those locations.  I mounted the cooler under the engine behind the oil sump.  In this way, the cooler is inside the high pressure plenum and is exposed to direct ram air from the NACA scoop.  (Not that it matters.  You don't need ram air.  All you need is high pressure air and good flow path.)  Its location allowed me to duct the exit air through the aft baffles with little change in direction (read, less cooling drag). 


The cooler is suspended from two brackets.  The forward bracket is fastened to the oil sump bolts.  The aft bracket is fastened to two holes in the crankcase.  The exit duct is fastened to the aft baffles.  This oil cooler is held securely in place and it isn't going anywhere! :-)  The fourth picture shows the exit hole through the aft baffles.