Chapter 23: Aft Baffles

Step 7:  Aft Baffles

(In work)

(Updated 4/9/2012)


(Not per plans)


The aft baffles form the fourth side of my enclosed plenum.  The first picture shows the panels for the aft baffles.  Note that the two larger pieces -- the left-side and the right-side aft baffles -- have the cylinder #1 and cylinder #2 outer barrel baffles riveted to them. The second picture shows what the back of the engine looks like with all the aft baffles installed. :-)




Aft Left-Side Baffle

I was able to make the left-side baffle as one piece.  Note the hole for the alternator.




Aft Right-Side Baffles

The first picture shows a small bracket that gets installed above the starter.  The second picture shows the right-side aft baffle.  The third picture shows the two baffle plates that close out the right-side baffle and cover the oil drain line from cylinder #2.  The fourth picture shows the cover plate for the starter.





Alternator Baffle Plate

These pictures show the alternator baffle plate.  It is large enough to cover the hole for the alternator in the left-side baffle. Note how the plate is slotted so that the alternator belt can be tightened without having to modify or make a new cover plate.