Chapter 23: Baffle Seals

Step 7:  Installing the Baffle Seals

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(Updated 4/13/2012)


The baffle seals are rubber strips placed between the edges of the baffle plates and the surfaces of the cowls.  They seal against the cowl surfaces and prevent air from escaping between the gaps.   For my baffle configuration, I will need to seal the bottoms of the baffle plates as well as the tops.


In the plans, the baffle seals are attached to the baffle plates with large area washers and rivets on 2-inch centers.  I'm not going to use that approach.  I'm going to use metal backing strips with 90-degree bends in them.  I'm doing this for two reasons.  First, a backing strip holds all of the seal's length firmly against a baffle plate without leaks. With washers and rivets, the seals tend to gap open over time.  They start leaking.   Second, the 90-degree bend in the backing strip helps to strengthen and rigidize the baffle plates to reduce vibration and bending.


Baffle Seals -- Cylinder Head Baffles


The first picture shows the seal strip and the backing strip for the cylinder head baffles.  Note the partial circular indentions to accommodate spacing from the exhaust pipes.  The second picture shows the seal in place.



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