Chapter 23: Oil Cooler

Step 8:  Oil Cooler

(In Work)

(updated 4/12/12)



I got the following advice about oil coolers:

1.  Buy the biggest one with the most rows that will fit into the installation space.

2.  Stewart Warner is the best cooler, but most expensive. 

3.  Aero Classic is a very good cooler that performs almost as good as Stewart Warner.  It's cheaper than Stewart Warner.  It's smaller than Stewart Warner even though it has the same capacity. 

4.  Don't buy a Posi-Tech cooler. It has less cooling fin area as the other coolers.  It doesn't conduct and transfer as much heat from the oil.  Also, there are reports of the tubes being small and being subject to clogging.


With that in mind, I bought a 13-row oil cooler from Aero Classic.  It was a good compromise between performance, size, and capacity.   I mounted the cooler under the engine behind the oil sump.


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