Chapter 24: Armrests, Seats, and Fairings

Step 1 - Map Pockets:

I maximized my time at home in the garage before committing to moving the plane to the hangar.  Chapter 24 is another of those chapters in which you can get some work done here and there while waiting for supplies or things to cure in the ongoing chapters.   It’s really cool to watch the fuselage interior turning into a real Cozy.  Funny thing is, the front seats get more and more comfortable....every piece you put into the rear seat area makes it look smaller and smaller.    

Don’t cut that foam just yet!  You can expect the plans dimensions to get you in the ballpark, but some custom-fitting is necessary to make the parts fit your airplane.  After all, we are making “custom” parts that will fit our “custom” fuselages.  I double-checked all measurements before cutting any foam.

I spent one hour making a fiberboard form for glassing the map pockets.  It is made to lay up both pockets at the same time.  Once cured, I simply cut the layup in half to create the two pockets.  The mold is designed for re-use for other future builders, and for making Christmas gifts for fellow Cozy friends.   Again, check measurements.  My pockets were close to rubbing against the torque tubes.



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