Chapter 25: Interior Finishing


I had these basic thoughts about how to finish the interior:

(1) cover the seats, arm rests, and consoles in a beige, tan, or light gray leather.

(2) Fill, sand, and paint the areas above the armrests, both front and back.

(3) Cover the floors and the areas below the armrests in zolatone.

(4) Cover the instrument panel in a light-colored formica overlay to complement the interior color scheme.


Interior Fill and Sand

I know only a handful of builders who've taken the time and trouble to finish out and paint the interior.  Most just spray zolatone.  I saw Clark Canedy's Cozy IV during one of my visits to Chino, California.  He filled, sanded, and painted his interior.  Wow!  Very impressive!  So I knew I had to do it, too.  It didn't take very much filler to complete the job.  It took more on the shoulder support to fill and level out the depressions, joggles, and thick layups that occurred from installing my version of headrests.  I flipped the plane over to do the filling and sanding.  It was much easier and more comfortable (?) to be on my knees.  It would be nearly impossible to do this while squatting inside the plane.  I also filled and sanded the inside of the aft turtleback to hide some bumps and ridges from when the turtleback was fabricated years ago.  I had hoped to have primed all these areas before winter got here.  No such luck.  So the interior priming and painting will have to wait (once again) until the Spring.



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