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Title: Starter Wires
Post by: Ghost-Rider on July 11, 2007, 05:40:28 PM
I am getting ready to order a B&C Electric Starter for my VariEZe project.
I am still in the building phase, but tired of Hand-Proping.

My question is what gage wire to use, or better yet what gage wire I can get away with?

Also, are their any Light Weight options? Like a type of wire that may be expensive, but will shave a pound or two off the installation?

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Title: Hand proping
Post by: GlennBob on July 12, 2007, 02:42:18 AM
Best answer :  B & C will have the best info on that question.  They deal with it all the time and they are sharp ! !

My guess is just about the best conductor you can buy is copper, . .that is without going to precious metals. ( gold, silver, etc. )  These days though,  you might add copper to that list ! !   :lol:  Price of copper keeps climbing.  As for the guage,  the regular automotive size should be adequate.  Regular as in full size Chevy like.  Not a little Toyota or Honda.

Again,  B & C are the best at this stuff.  I assure you,  they'll be your best source for info.

Title: Starter Wires
Post by: Drew on July 12, 2007, 11:05:08 AM
It should be a number 2.  Note that the wire has to go a long way from battery to starter---so it is going to be a big wire.

You can check for yourself by looking at an electric wire chart.  Starters draw 150 to 200 amps (and sometimes more depending on the starter).  A 150 to 200 amp draw on a 14 volt system will dictate a number 2.

You can use the same chart to check wire length.  Getting beyond 14 ft (200 amp draw) will either drop you more than a 1 volt loss on a number 2---or drive you to a number 1),
Title: Starter Wires
Post by: Av1ator on July 12, 2007, 10:48:54 PM
I put a B&C starter on a VariEz a few years ago.  I went to an auto parts store and bought #2 welding cable. Worked perfect. Borrowed a pair of EXPENSIVE crimpers to put the connectors on.  #2 Copper will be the smallest that will work properly. Like you I wanted to save some weight and against the advice of an electical engineer I tried smaller it would not handle the load.
Title: Starter cable size
Post by: cloudman on July 15, 2007, 10:56:07 PM
When Burt Rutan originally sent out plans that included a starter for a C-85 Continental, the cable was specifed as a very large 1/0 stranded copper that weighs a lot.....probably 30 or more pounds.

Yes I am flying with twenty feet or more of this very large cable, but I don't have any voltage drop ! I would suggest a smaller size.
Title: Starter Wires
Post by: Gilbert DRIEUX on July 17, 2007, 10:37:36 PM
"Note that the wire has to go a long way from battery to starter---so it is going to be a big wire. "
And the same long long way.... from starter to battery !
That is a big difference from other tractor aircraft engine installation, where battery is close to engine, and return current can run shortly via engine mount.

Happy to be back here.
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Regards to you all.