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Title: Kanab Fly-in Announcement
Post by: Joe Dubner on August 08, 2007, 11:09:40 AM
This is a reminder that the Kanab Fly-in/Timed Event is just around the corner.  Char Spencer (760-375-2958) does all the work organizing this; I'm just trumpeting it because I want to see the event prosper and grow.  

Last year's recap:  http://www.mail2600.com/Kanab06/index.htm

Here's the sequence of events:
  --- Saturday, September 1: arrival day, pizza by the pool
  --- Sunday, September 2: breakfast at the airport, "timed event", probable fly-out for lunch, possible hike in the red rocks above town, lounging around the pool, Tex-Mex "banquet" at Nedra's
  --- Monday, September 3: departure day

The place to stay is Aiken's Lodge (800-790-0380).  1 or 2-bed rooms for $51; 3 beds for $71 if reserved by August 10.

A word about the "timed event": it's not a race but rather a timed course in which your time from takeoff to the finish line gives you an average speed and bragging rights to it.  Takeoffs are single-ship (no formation nowadays) and you can fly it however fast or slow or high or low you want.  Total time is about half an hour.  Half the guys fly the timed course and half abstain.  For me, it's something exciting to look forward to on Saturday morning.  

For those that are interested, here's a chart of the course that I've put together (it still needs heading/distance data and descriptions of the turn points):  http://www.mail2600.com/Kanab06/KanabCourse.jpg