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Title: Cozy MK4 project for sale
Post by: wiseguy on January 10, 2014, 09:31:46 AM
I have a very complete Cozy 4 project for sale.  This was the original project of Rick Maddy.  I purchased 5 years ago and finished to it current stage.  Overseen by many experienced builders and flyer's. Workmanship is excellent.


Basically the airframe is complete including most speed mods.  It needs the engine installed, electrical, finish and paint.  All seats, armrests, consoles complete.  Winglets installed, cowling installed.  Electric nose lift.


Included with the airframe:


New IO-360 from Mattituck (Never started, new in crate)  Stored in heated garage.

Cozygirl mount

New in box Hertzler Silver Bullet Prop

New exhaust system

New Saber prop ext, plate and bolts

New spinner

New baffle kit
Wheel Pants


The cost of my engine and all other items listed are brand new and at a substantial savings over 2014 prices.  I am looking to get my investment out of the project minus the countless hours invested.  I am not in any financial troubles, so I will not be giving the project away.  At this time I will only sell as a package.  I may consider everything minus the engine since I can most likely sell it very quickly on its own.  My investment is $52,000.  I will sell for $50,000.  Check prices and you will see what the chapters cost, new engines and all other items listed above.  Will consider reasonable offers, but nothing crazy.





Title: Re: Cozy MK4 project for sale
Post by: flyingolfer on December 08, 2018, 09:58:35 AM
Hi I'm flyingolfer@yahoo.com  Notice 1 (one)g between the words > Still for sell?  PHOTOS?