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Title: Nose Lift
Post by: Cargo 171BH on May 11, 2016, 10:14:32 PM
My back says it is time to install an electric nose lift. I appreciate suggestions on the best option of those on the market in terms of reliability and quality.
Title: Re: Nose Lift
Post by: flyingwaldo on May 12, 2016, 11:54:48 AM
I think they both have occasional issues, but I like my Wright nose lift.  My understanding is the Harris' got out of that business so am not sure they are still available.  Jack's seems easier to retrofit?
Title: Re: Nose Lift
Post by: Marc Zeitlin on May 12, 2016, 07:15:24 PM
My back says it is time to install an electric nose lift. I appreciate suggestions on the best option of those on the market in terms of reliability and quality.
For a retrofit into an existing canard aircraft with some older instruments, the Wilhelmson is usually the only choice, as it lives completely forward of the F-22 bulkhead. The Wright system is larger and extends significantly aft of F22, and many times interferes with instruments that extend forward of the IP. You also need to make a hole in F-22 for it. If you have the space, the Wright system is fine - they both use the same Thompson ball-screw mechanism.
Title: Re: Nose Lift
Post by: Radioflyer on July 25, 2016, 09:00:43 AM
Until recently, I didn't put too much stock in a motorized nose gear system.  However, I hurt my back lifting the nose not too long ago and I'm now more interested! Still, every time some mod gets made to the plane, it manages to ground me for several months and I really hate that. So I'm now considering an interim solution. I'm considering one of two solutions. 1) make some kind of lock on my manual system so that the nose can be securely parked only part way down. If the nose is even just one foot off the ground, it helps considerably with lifting the nose manually the rest of the way. 2) Extend the height of my nose dolly (how I normally park and maneuver the plane in/out/around the hangar). Option two doesn't help when I'm away, but it still helps at the homebase.
Title: Re: Nose Lift
Post by: dorr on July 31, 2016, 12:02:05 AM
Some have put a nose tie down hard point and simply tied the plane down while the gear was fully extended.  If you try to store a Rutan Coffee Grinder nose gear anywhere but fully up or down you will weaken the soft gear wheel teeth and they will.  I've seen others who use a kind of Carabiner(sp?) through a hole in the step of their plane to tie the plane down - unfortunately, the nose is so close to the main wing and the tie down chains so far away, and the plane is in a more "dangerous" high wind position.  Parking nose down makes the high wind situation so much better for a canard...  The Nose lift kits seem to be getting more expensive.  I am encouraging a local guy who is on his third "Beta" unit relying on the same Thompson unit as the others.  But if you have a bad back, the nose lift is the answer.

Title: Re: Nose Lift
Post by: BruceHughes on October 15, 2016, 02:04:30 PM
First I apologize for not reading this question sooner.   I have a LOT of experience on Nose Gears.
(1) I broke 7 teeth off the original RAF large gear.   I just turned it over to fix it.   Friend of mine did the same strip-the-gear.  His accident was the THIRD time that Longeze gear had been damaged.   I gave him my old gear.   CozyGirrrls have them for $300.
(2) I am too old to manage with the manual gear so I bought a Wright Nose Gear.   I may have had the last Wright NG and I was the 3rd owner.    Looking at the work necessary terrified me so I sold it at a loss.   Before I sold it I was offered $350 for PART of it that failed on their aircraft.   Finally got a $1000.   I think it is a good unit BUT I did not want to move my radio or cut a hole in the F22 bulkhead that holds the canard on the airplane - GEEEEZ.   The real killer was that I had to do some structural fiberglassing.  I have NO interest in structural fiberglassing.
(3) I bought a Wilhelmson Nose Gear unit AND the autoextension unit.  Big $$$$.
I am delighted to have it now working.   But I had every problem that anyone can have in the installation and there are MANY.
Is it an older longeze?  If so, you will have to cut the 5/8" bolt that is at the top of the gear.   Do you own a 90 degree attachment for your electric drill?   They are cheap; get one.
Other problems?    Just email me direct.  TOO many to discuss here.

DON'T Misread me; I am delighted to have the gear.   But my hair is much whiter now.
I did have to return the wiring to Jack twice.   My fault entirely.   Jack gives EXCELLENT service to back you up.
Final:  I think Jack's NG is the ONLY choice now; the Wright NG may be gone forever.  I don't know that.

Don't email stuff to Jack just as a hurricane comes through.   UPS did a 2 day delivery in 9 days.  :'(

Bruce Hughes    bruce@fairpoint.net