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For Sale/Wanted / Wanted: Hertzler prop for O-235 L2C
« on: May 12, 2007, 12:19:05 AM »
I am looking for a hertzler prop for my O-235.  I tried to place an order with him, but he isn't taking orders.  Anyone have one they will part with?

The monthly third thursday EZ get together at Casa Machado (KMYF) at
6:30 PM will be show and tell night.  Bring photos or parts of your
projects and show everyone what you've been up to.  I'll bring the PDA
based engine monitor software I've written and am currently flying
with.  Bill Ingram has been running the show down here, but he asked
me to send out some notices about the meeting this month since he will
be out of town.  Hope to see you there.  With the long days of summer
and nice cool evenings, MYF would be nice evening flying destination
in your EZ!

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