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Hangar Flying / Varieze project on ebay
« on: March 06, 2011, 04:32:43 PM »
There is a Varieze listed on ebay.  I don't have the number.  I don't want to buy a
Varieze as I have a Longeze.   However I thought others might be interested.  It
lacks some information so I asked the guy to add some.   

Bruce Hughes    :)

The following was from him to me directly to my email address:


> eBay sent this message to Bruce Hughes.
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> originated from eBay.
> Learn more at
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Seller has responded to your question about this item
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Sir:
> Thank you,
> I would like to add more information but every time I do,
> ebay pauses the auction for 24 hours to review the
> additions or
> modifications I make, it makes for a confusing auction!
> The wiring has
> largely been done, however it was done in the early 80s
> and the builder may
> desire to run new wires. I do not remember what chapter he
> was on but I
> could look that up. The control bell-cranks for the
> ailerons are hooked up,
> the elevator controls as well are hooked up and
> counterweights installed,
> the air-brake (bellyboard) is installed and working, the
> fuel lines are run
> but the holes for the gas caps have not been cut.
> I have had an IA
> (licensed Inspector of Airworthiness) look over the
> airframe and he said it
> appears sound.
> I hope this helps, I will be glad to answer any questions
> and help as best I can. I want the buyer to be happy and
> to understand
> exactly what he or she is getting. To sum it up, (in my
> opinion) if someone
> were about to build a varieze, buying this would save
> about 800 hours in
> labor and about $8000 in parts (plans if you can find
> them: $300, canopy
> $400, fiberglass a few grand, gear and brakes $500-1000,
> engine mount a few
> hundred, new Brock wing fittings, unfindable but about
> $1500 if you could
> etc..): This, when completed, will be a "real" varieze
> that is- I have the
> serial number from Burt Rutan and the plans to go with it
> for this
> airframe. If you build one today with no serial number
> (from someone else's
> plans) then it will never be a "real" vari; this detail
> may not matter to a
> lot of people but to some people it should add a bit of
> value.
> It also
> comes with the original embroidered seats (not pictured
> but I can send
> photos) Burt sold with the plans.
> I hope this helps

Hangar Flying / What is an old Ercoupe worth?
« on: November 09, 2010, 05:31:00 PM »
I have an old (1946) Ercoupe that I had hoped to rebuild.  Now I may
sell it to a neighbor instead.  He wants a project.  However I don't
know what to ask; I don't want to ask too little.

I can give tons of details but maybe it should be done offline.   You can
email me at

If I don't hear from anyone soon, I will give lots of details here.

Is there someone who does appraisals for a fee?

Thanks for any comments

Bruce Hughes   :)

Hangar Flying / Flying the pylons
« on: March 08, 2010, 08:55:06 AM »
This is for "flyingwaldo" an  everyone.

Flying pylons, to my knowledge, is only done at the Reno Air Races.
For information on that try    In the website, you
will find "to pilots".   That will tell you that there is a May 20 deadline
and training is for 4 days June 16-19.   I assume that you HAVE to be
there ALL 4 days.

That is all that I know; I watch from the ground......

Bruce Hughes   :)   

Hangar Flying / Longeze plans on ebay
« on: September 08, 2009, 08:18:56 AM »

There is a set of plans + owner's manual + composite construction manual
on ebay.   No bids yet.   Several days left to bid.   #320421158521

Information comes from E. Johnson.

Bruce Hughes   :)

Hangar Flying / Free builders' stuff
« on: December 07, 2008, 12:13:49 PM »
Hi Guys

This is pretty minor information but maybe someone can use it.

I noticed that the "Tyson Pork Roast" (or beef or ...) that I eat
2 or 3 times per month, comes in a nice rectangular plastic tray.
A lot of TV dinners are in rectangular trays.

Now I use 4 of those to put tools in.   Makes it easy to carry the
miscellaneous tools to the shop and lay them out on the strakes.

In trying to finish building, I have spent countless hours working
on the engine/firewall area and/or reaching inside the cockpit. 
Once I used a big towel to put tools on.  But there is a danger that
ALL of the tools and the towel may fall off the strake.

In good weather I have the Longeze in the driveway 50' from the shop
(If I was closer there would be a big tree limb hanging, ready to fall
on the canopy in the first high wind).    In winter the Longeze was in
the shop but it is a bitch to get it in or out.   In Dec. I still have it
outside.   I am (just barely) able to move the engine on its hoist into
the shop to miss the rains (this is western Washington).

So tools were walked back and forth.   On starting for the day, the
misc tools are stacked in a pile of 4 trays in the shop.   The stack has
most of what I use for the day.  The socket set has it's own plastic
case so that set goes in one hand and the stack of trays goes in the
other.   Anyway the trays were free.

Bruce    :)

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