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For Sale/Wanted / Long EZ N104EZ for sale - new price point.
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:40:45 PM »
As we say, the only constant is change.
It is now time to get serious about selling my great Long EZ
When I posted this a couple of years ago I was asking $27,000.00 and actually had it sold for that when I decided to keep it.
Beagle says that price is still in the ball park but Bill (Duck) Oertel says that now $22,000.00 would be a proper price. Of course, I would look at reasonable offers. REASONABLE offers.
The plane is at Chino Airport and is hangared.

Plane built in 1999
Here are the specs as far as I know them.

Empty weight = 880#

Max weight = 1600# per the data book/ I wouldn't want to be that heavy.

Lycoming 0235 L2C - 118 HP

My cruise speed = 140 kts GPS speed over the ground at 7000 +/- feet

fuel burn 5.75-6 GPH. That # has held steady since I have owned the plane.

fuel: 26 gal per side = 52 gal total. I usually put 15-16 gal in each side which gives me 5 + hours of fuel landing with no less than 1 hour fuel on board. That is my personal minimum.

353.7 hours on top o/h.

Same hours on prop as far as I know.

The prop is a Bruce Tift wooden laminate.

I think that's about all I can answer. Simple plane, really. I have all the original plans and log books for the engine and airframe.

Here is a link to a SkyDrive folder which includes both photos from after I first purchased the plane and then later when I took my next door neighbor girl for a local flight. 
These show the instrument panel and other things, such as the windows in the back strake for the passenger.

Here is a link to a YouTube video which was taken by one of my business partners with his father in law, who is a pilot and owned a flight school in the Philippines. This video also includes some photo shots/ still pictures.


For Sale/Wanted / Flying Long EZ for sale
« on: December 31, 2012, 11:32:00 PM »
This is an update from a previous post. Happy New Year.
Flying and fun Long EZ with Lycoming 0235 L2C. 330 hours on airframe and since Top OH, 2035 total time. Annual is now due which could serve as part of your pre purchase inspection.
Bruce Tift laminated wooden prop 60X66. Long rudders, standard GU canard. Nav lights, instrument panel lights. Starter, alternator.
Flies easily and straight. Well built and well balanced.
Light smoke tint canopy with gas cylinder.
Passenger plexiglass strake windows.
Panel: Airspeed, Attitude Indicator, turn coordinator, heading indicator, VSI, Altimeter, combo EGT/ CHT, combo  oil temp/ oil pressure, vacuum gauge, lighted w/ rheostat
Radios: Comm & navigation digital flip/flop with nav mode selector, glideslope and 2 place intercom.
digital mode C transponder
Wheel pants installed  but not totally finished. Airframe still in primer over basecoat.
This is a flying aircraft and has been hangared at CNO (Chino) since purchase.
Here are links to pictures and a YouTube Video.
It can be yours for $27,500.00
Harry Thomas N104EZ
David Orr at has seen the plane and has more information.
Canardian A&P Bill Oertel is also familiar with the plane.

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