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For Sale/Wanted / Aerocanard S/N #001 For Sale
« on: May 08, 2019, 12:23:31 PM »

I am assisting a customer in selling Aerocanard #1, built by Jeff Russell. For more information, see:

Any questions, feel free to get in touch.

For Sale/Wanted / Pristine Long-EZ for Sale
« on: April 25, 2017, 12:29:29 PM »
If anyone is interested in purchasing a VERY nice Long-EZ, you can review the advertisement on Barnstormers at:

and can review many more pics and all documentation at:

Please contact me directly (off list) with any questions.

For Sale/Wanted / O-320 Long-EZ For Sale
« on: February 09, 2017, 12:54:04 AM »

I am assisting a customer in selling his Long-EZ - for more information, see:



Hangar Flying / Canards West Fly-In: 6/3 - 6/5, 2016
« on: March 11, 2016, 09:47:31 PM »
As Don Denhard has announced previously, we will hold the Canards West Fly-In on June 3rd through June 5th, 2016, at the Columbia, CA airport (O22). Monitor:

for more information as it becomes available with respect to events/presentations/etc.

There are a couple of changes this year. First, the good news - we've got a new caterer, who will be providing the following menu:

Garlic Bread
Grilled Veggie Platter - (red peppers, zucchini etc)
Caesar Salad

Pork & Figs - (slow roasted pork roast simmered in a marsala fig sauce)
Chicken Picatta - (pan roasted chicken breast in a lemon caper sauce)
Three Cheese Tortellini - (simmered in a pesto cream sauce)

Assorted Italian Cookies and Cakes - ( lemon ricotta cookies, Florentines Etc.)

You do NOT have to choose one or the other of the three main dishes, as in previous years - there's enough of everything for everyone.

Now the marginally less good news - the price for the dinner is going up from $25/person to $35/person. Given that the cost of the event has not changed in 12 years, and the food has previously, how to say, been sub-optimal, we're viewing this as a reasonable and good thing - as a percentage of the total cost of attending (motel, flying costs, fuel, etc.) this is a minor increase.

Please make your reservations at the local motels early - they can fill up - and PLEASE contact Tim Fisher (event organizer) ASAP to pay him and allow him to have an accurate head count. He is reachable at:

Send your checks to:

Tim Fisher
1300 Marilyn
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 996-9919

Hope to see you all there!

For Sale/Wanted / Long-EZ for Sale
« on: December 08, 2014, 05:11:12 PM »
Long-EZ plans # 1968 was built and is still owned by Bo Kreide in the Los Angeles area. It was first flown in 1993 and has between 250 - 500 hours on the airframe and Mattituck rebuilt O-320-D3G engine. I am assisting Bos daughter in the sale of this aircraft. It is located in Compton, CA, also in the Los Angeles area.

I have completed a thorough Condition Inspection, signed off in July, 2014. Bo was a high quality builder and maintained his aircraft to high standards - this will make a great cross country aircraft for anyone.

The plane runs well and is very comfortable. Attached is a list of current equipment with a few pictures of the exterior and interior.

The owner has reduced the price to $44.9K OBO (some negotiation acceptable) - remember, this is a relatively low time engine and airframe.

If you are serious about purchasing this aircraft and would like a copy of the complete Condition Inspection Checklist and a list of future discretionary work, as well as a link to a more extensive set of pictures, aircraft logbooks and AROW documents, please contact me directly at the contact info listed below or in the attached document.

Serious buyers only can come to KCPM to evaluate the airplane and get a demonstration flight - please contact me directly for any technical info or to arrange a viewing/demo flight. If you wish a separate pre-buy examination with a third party inspector, that can be arranged as well.

For Sale/Wanted / IO-360-C1C Engine for sale
« on: January 04, 2014, 11:50:19 PM »

Clas Lundgren (not a forum member) asked me to post this engine for sale message - please reply to the addresses/phone #'s listed below - NOT to me.

I am now looking for a buyer of the rear engine and some accessories to it, if the buyer would want them.

200 HP Lycoming IO360-C1C (experimental)
Removed from discontinued project
0 time since MOH by Barrett Performance Engines (rebuild log included),
Rear induction (pusher setup) with single Bendix S4LN-1209 (non-impulse) mag,
Early Light Speed electronic ignition (Klaus Savier), Electric heating pad and high temperature (Magnolia epoxy: 470 degr. F)  baffling designed for pusher mounting.

Fixed pitch prop (Savier), engine mount, and stainless pusher exhaust also available.
 $25K OBO
Location: Niagara Falls, NY

Contact Jim,  phone: 716-408-6183 or Claes at, phone:  716-481-9527.

For Sale/Wanted / COZY MKIV Plans/Templates for sale
« on: September 04, 2013, 09:37:24 AM »
David Kaiser, a prospective COZY MKIV builder not on the forum, has asked me to list a full set of COZY MKIV Plans and Templates, complete and in perfect condition (MK-0846). These are 2nd Edition plans, so will require a bit of updating per the newsletters.

David is listing these plans for $300, including shipping in the USA.

Please contact David directly at:

   Phone 307.532.3737

if you're interested.

For Sale/Wanted / COZY III N22AZ For Sale
« on: May 04, 2013, 04:29:45 PM »

I am in the process of helping Marilyn Seibold sell her beautiful COZY III, originally built and flown by Robin DuBois. I present it here for your review. Marilyn (and Bill) purchased the plane from Joe Hobbs in 2001. Joe had purchased it from David Vollrath, who had purchased it from Robin DuBois (to the best of my knowledge).

N22AZ  (COZY III plans # 442) was first flown in 1993 and has 1293.8 hours on the airframe.  The O-320 engine was recently rebuilt by Lycon and has ~41 hours on it SMOH. I currently have the plane in Tehachapi, CA, having flown it here from Bisbee, AZ a couple of weeks ago. I have completed a thorough Condition Inspection, signed off on May 3rd, 2013. This is a well maintained and documented aircraft - I have all paperwork, including receipts - Bill was a good record keeper and maintained his aircraft to high standards.

The plane runs well, flies fast, and is very comfortable. Below is a list of current equipment, a list of recommended work to be completed and some performance figures. If you're serious about purchasing the plane and would like a copy of the complete checklist of what I inspected/checked during the CI, as well as some pictures of the aircraft (the forum won't allow me to upload four pics) contact me directly.

Marilyn is listing the airplane for $75K OBO (some negotiation acceptable) - remember, this is essentially a zero time engine and a full IFR panel with AP. Serious buyers only can come to KTSP to kick the tires and get a demonstration flight in the plane - please contact ME directly for any technical info or to arrange a viewing/demo flight. If you wish a separate pre-buy inspection with a third party inspector, that can be arranged as well.

Financial arrangement for purchase will be directly with Marilyn - I've listed her contact information below.

Current Equipment List:
  • O-320-B2C Engine
  • Temperfoam Seats
  • Allegro Engine Monitor
  • Trio 2-axis Autopilot (Roll and Altitude)
  • Narco Nav Radio
  • Bendix King KY97A Radio
  • Terra TX760D Radio
  • Terra TR250D Transponder
  • Taper pins in most control system joints
  • Electric Pitch Trim
  • Electric Landing Brake Actuator
  • O2 Tank Installed
  • Heat duct w/electric blower
  • Whelen Strobes/Nav Lights
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • WX Weather Receiver / IPAQ for Anywhere Map
  • Wilhelmson NoseLift with Auto-Extend
  • Airflow Performance Fuel Injection
  • One Jeff Rose EI System
  • One Magneto
  • Hertzler Propeller
  • Belleville Washers on Prop Bolts
  • Remote Oil Filter Adapter on Firewall
  • Extra Nose Tire
  • Tie Down Stakes
  • And more...

Recommended Work:
  • Revise Checklist - it's a bit thin
  • Ballast Weights need better mounting system - will get picture of old system
  • Brake lines are all Nylaflow - they're in good shape, but could consider replacing with hard and flexible lines
  • NG-6 attach bolts a bit short - could eventually replace with longer bolts
  • Instrument wiring a bit messy, but safe - could be cleaned up (especially with a panel makeover)
  • Needs new tires soon
  • Wheel pants need minor cosmetic work on the bottom
  • Rear seat and Landing Brake wiring loose - could use more tie-wraps and mounting points
  • Both aileron U-joints in wing starting to get a little play - could be replaced
  • Aileron gaps a bit close - could be opened up
  • Will need oil change soon (uses Shell 100 wt)
  • Engine mount needs paint touch up
  • Aileron pushrods in engine compartment need paint touch up
  • Propeller need refinishing - aft face

None of these are safety of flight issues - I corrected one safety related items I found during the CI. This was tightening the landing gear strut mounting bolts, which were a little loose.

Performance Measurements (all at 8500 ft. indicated - 9560 ft. DA):

2400 RPM 6.5 GPH 147 KIAS 169 KTAS
2500 RPM 7.4 GPH 157 KIAS 180 KTAS
2600 RPM 8.2 GPH 164 KIAS 189 KTAS

This is a FAST airplane. On the flight back from Bisbee, I had to throttle back to 2400 RPM to keep from running away from Mike Melvill's Long-EZ, which has essentially exactly the same performance as my COZY MKIV. This plane is 15-20 KTAS faster - at 2600 RPM and ~8.2 GPH at 8500 ft., I get 169 KTAS.

I cannot verify the absolute accuracy of these #'s - they were measured quickly with uncalibrated (by me) instruments - but if they're off, they're off by a few knots.

Marilyn Seibold's contact Info:

(520) 249-6992 (C)
(520) 432-7687 (H)

My contact info - email is preferred.

Marc J. Zeitlin
(978) 502-5251

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