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San Diego EZ Squadron Forum
« on: March 25, 2005, 10:35:33 PM »
Thanks to the efforts of our hardworking webmaster, Avery Sisco, there is now a dedicated spot under the Hanger Flying Forum Index for topics of special interest to members of the San Diego EZ Squadron.

The primary purpose of this new forum is to act as a central site for SDEZ Squadron members to post questions, ideas, comments, fly-in events, local flights, etc. of particular interest to members of the San Diego EZ Squadron. Of course, guests who have an interest in Squadron activities or questions about the SDEZ Squadron are always welcome to drop in and see what's going on in our group!  

The hope is that a dedicated spot on the site will substantially improve communications between members of the SDEZ Squadron and other canardians located in the San Diego area, and perhaps even with guys in the greater Southern California area.  If this concept works well, I know that Avery is open to putting up dedicated forum spots for other local EZ groups (e.g., East Coast EZs, Canadian Canardians?!?).  You get the idea.   :)

A good example of the kind of information we had in mind for the site is Jerry Hansen's latest post - a local EZ fly-out tomorrow to Chiriaco Summit.  (A great lunch destination for a flight from So. Cal, BTW!)  This kind of topic can be of considerable interest to some members of the SDEZ Squadron, but really doesn't fit in the general forum.  

So OK SDEZ Squadron guys - here's your new site!  Pay attention and contribute or I'll be emailing nasty grams to you.  (Well not really, but it's fun to threaten anyhow.)    :D

Dan Patch
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