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Engine for sale from the Vans Air Force Forum:
« on: June 10, 2009, 04:51:45 PM »
Jimd     Join Date: Apr 2008
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 FS: O-320 E2D 150hp 0 SMHO

For Sale- $15,000

O-320 E2D 150hp 0 SMOH

New parts include-

ECI cylinders, main bearings, rod bearings, pistons, rings and more...

This was a new engine on a 172 (I think) in 1974. It has complete logs since new. It has been most recently been used on an RV-4 with a warneke wood prop.

The engine was supposed to go back on the RV-4 but illness has stopped the rebuild project.

This engine can NOT go onto a certified airplane because the AD for pitting of the hollow crank has NOT been complied with.

Also, the rebuild of apliances has not been finished. The engine has not been test run and was put together as per the Lycoming spec with rebuild oil. This is the goo that sticks to stuff to protect it during assembly.

The mags, carb, fuel pump, starter and alternator are included.

I have all the paperwork for he engine and can direct serious inquiries to the A&P.
Jim D.
150 hours and loving it!