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Buzzard Contrails
« on: April 11, 2010, 08:30:11 PM »
Buzzard Contrails
You had to be there. Today Iím sitting in the rumbling aerosteed at the runup area. Scanning for traffic I see that buzzard over there gliding across the approaching sunset leaving a contrail. I blink twice, three timesÖthe motionless bird is still sailing trailing that white contrail. The buzzard is black against the golden orange sky and you can see the fine shape of the wings and curved tip feathers. The contrail is thin and defined but starting to fluff out further back. Amazing. A buzzard contrail. You had to be there.
You had to be there, literally. Because anywhere else, even a few feet askance, the convergent confluence, the coming and flowing together of angle and distance and drifting buzzard and that Boeing 757 would not have provided the simply astounding extremely satisfying vision. You donít think it was a Boeing 757? Prove it.
I donít call it a trick because it was what it was. Though doubted initially, then real for a few seconds, then debunked, and then before it got away, pronounced true and real again for as long as it is pleasing. And it is pleasing.  What a wonderful experience for a few seconds in a special moment to personally witness such a truly astounding event.
For the time being I chose to hold the validity of the buzzard contrail and move along through this earthly existence for a time as if it was real. So shoot me. This sighting is a much preferable experience for stance on truth than any other thing man-made that I can find at this moment in history.

The flight was smooth and easy, just what you would want. My intent was to enjoy the magic of flight anew. On recent previous flights i had concentrated on mechanical details and such and had now admonished myself to also take a few minutes and soar and drift along with the currents and have some fun. I did. While i expected the warmer weather to negatively affect the lift and thrust some, the takeoff and landing were very gratifying.

Nice to be so pleasantly distracted with you for a few enjoyable moments.  Now get back to your taxes   :D

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