I have a VW engine that came off a Zodiac 601and want to get my Verieze in the air. It's rated at 100hp any suggestions?

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Author Topic: VW engine or not?  (Read 2994 times)

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VW engine or not?
« on: June 29, 2010, 04:32:00 PM »
Anyone know of someone still useing a VW engine on a varieze? Performance, mounting, ups, downs?

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Re: VW engine or not?
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2010, 07:44:41 AM »
Yes, Burt Rutan.   He gave up.   >:(

Don't even think about it any more; your life must be worth something
to someone (like you).

Bruce Hughes   :)

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Re: VW engine or not?
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2010, 11:45:13 AM »
You brought back a memory of my witnessing Burt in the pattern @Whiteman airport (I believe) back in 70-something. I'm pretty sure it was the VW varieze, and the throttle cable had malfunctioned leaving the engine running WOT. He blipped the ignition on and off and made a WWI fighter approach! Since then, I have never failed to inspect the throttle spring!