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Varieze project on ebay
« on: March 06, 2011, 04:32:43 PM »
There is a Varieze listed on ebay.  I don't have the number.  I don't want to buy a
Varieze as I have a Longeze.   However I thought others might be interested.  It
lacks some information so I asked the guy to add some.   

Bruce Hughes    :)

The following was from him to me directly to my email address:


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> Dear Sir:
> Thank you,
> I would like to add more information but every time I do,
> ebay pauses the auction for 24 hours to review the
> additions or
> modifications I make, it makes for a confusing auction!
> The wiring has
> largely been done, however it was done in the early 80s
> and the builder may
> desire to run new wires. I do not remember what chapter he
> was on but I
> could look that up. The control bell-cranks for the
> ailerons are hooked up,
> the elevator controls as well are hooked up and
> counterweights installed,
> the air-brake (bellyboard) is installed and working, the
> fuel lines are run
> but the holes for the gas caps have not been cut.
> I have had an IA
> (licensed Inspector of Airworthiness) look over the
> airframe and he said it
> appears sound.
> I hope this helps, I will be glad to answer any questions
> and help as best I can. I want the buyer to be happy and
> to understand
> exactly what he or she is getting. To sum it up, (in my
> opinion) if someone
> were about to build a varieze, buying this would save
> about 800 hours in
> labor and about $8000 in parts (plans if you can find
> them: $300, canopy
> $400, fiberglass a few grand, gear and brakes $500-1000,
> engine mount a few
> hundred, new Brock wing fittings, unfindable but about
> $1500 if you could
> etc..): This, when completed, will be a "real" varieze
> that is- I have the
> serial number from Burt Rutan and the plans to go with it
> for this
> airframe. If you build one today with no serial number
> (from someone else's
> plans) then it will never be a "real" vari; this detail
> may not matter to a
> lot of people but to some people it should add a bit of
> value.
> It also
> comes with the original embroidered seats (not pictured
> but I can send
> photos) Burt sold with the plans.
> I hope this helps