Author Topic: Friend needs to recon North Cascades for Hike...will pay for fuel  (Read 2065 times)

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A good friend and all around great guy says:

I have a couple of buddies who I do an annual week long hiking trip with. There was an immense amount of snow in the Cascades this spring, and in some areas there is STILL an immense amount of snow, making overland treks difficult/dangerous. With budget cuts, the Forest Service and Parks folks do not have the person power to survey the backcountry as they used to, so getting up to date info is difficult.

Basically, I want to fly out over the North Cascades, two areas in particular, and look at them from the air to assess the situation before we head out. These weeks are precious, and I do not want to waste it in a slushy mess or drinking beer in a KOA out of fear.

Happy to pay for fuel.

Thanks Dave.

Phone-360-310-1860. Email We plan on hiking the first week of August.

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