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Re: Flying in SoCal
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2013, 09:30:25 PM »
Are you still in AZ?
If you have to ask, you're missing the point of APRS tracking <g>. 

But I'll give you a clue: see and work with the "All Tracks" and "More" buttons for specific tracks.  If you're savvy with a web browser you'll also find other APRS-equipped canard aircraft such as Marc Zeitlin's N83MZ, Don Denhard's N93EZ, and James Redmon's N97TX.

But yes, I was successful in avoiding the Class B airspaces (and the unseasonable SoCal weather).  Alas, it was cold in Arizona most of my time there too and I had a devil of a time getting back into western Oregon.  Fortunately, Don Denhard came to the rescue and put me and my airplane up in Columbia for a couple of days after I made it as far north as Yerrington, NV before running out of VFR minimums.

This link (or TinyURL equivalent will show the whole 19 hours of flying time.  Don't be afraid to zoom and pan; it's a Google map.  Caution: the 1202 position reports may bring your computer (and my server) to their knees while being rendered.  Just wait for it ...


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