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Eze Summer 2014
« on: December 06, 2014, 02:34:37 PM »
Eze Summer 2014
The 2014 calendar initially had five major events listed. We made it to seven.  A good year. It’s not always that way.
Three things come up as interesting (that means fun).
One, on the way to Oshkosh I found out when flying lean of peak LOP, rather than keeping the throttle at full open, it doesn’t hurt to play around with the throttle and maybe end up with a little lower fuel flow. My interpretation is that with the throttle slightly canted it creates some productive turbulence in there, for better mixture longer. -I had made a two page note on that I didn’t include here   :)
Two, after due diligence study on the two armfuls and a couple of flight bags full of technology out there, its still the Eze and the altimeter and the pointer arrow on my hh GPS. And me. And a pair of underwear and a toothbush. I also have the mini iPad and such on board, but don't usually get around to them. -Also two pages on notes not included here.   :) 
Three, I am still in the afterglow of mentally ramping up to become a side-by-sider.  My wife mentioned for the third time that she would like to fly side-by-side. So the hunt began in earnest. Our neighbors have a Comanche.  I like it. -One page of notes cut out here.
I have always liked the Tailwind. To me it evokes a wild side or renegade visage similar to the VariEze, but different. There are two nearby. -One page of notes cut out here.
After a few weeks it was back to the Cozy. Pretty solidly. That had been my best candidate in the first place. With the mission changed because of grandkids in Atlanta and Montana, when looking at the Cozy with the right tilt of the head it became more lithe and sleek looking. If you held your tongue right. Flying along with Vance and others, I knew they were doing very well in cruise. At times as well as the Long EZs.
The Cozy 3 became my target. I actually became an advocate. It has a firewall the same or very similar to the LongEZ. In other words, you could end up with a pretty good aft end and cowl closeout.
Now for the two seats side by side. Beagle was a lot of help here. After a week of study it got through to me that per person, the Cozy has two inches less width than the VariEze. Hmm. At one point I was talking with my Comanche neighbor and he said “Why couldn’t you just stagger the seats?’ I believe I had been thinking that for a couple of days but the actual words just hadn’t made it to the surface yet. That was a given. Anyway that became a great option. –Two pages of notes…  :)
So now to the big issue. Weight. What could go wrong. The early stages of the hunt had included checking on several projects in work. But there was a flying Cozy nearby that I had seen before my hunt had actually started. And what was to say the projects wouldn’t already be relatively as heavy as the flying one. The issue for me was the nose lift. How can you get away from the nose lift? Hmm.
I told my wife I was going to look at it. She asked if she could go. This whole side-by-side thing is good.
So after looking at the plane a few minutes, we were sitting in it. –A page of notes left out here.  Very tight. But I had the stagger thing up my sleeve.
As we drove out of the airport she asked me what I thought. I said that I liked what I had seen and that it would be great fun to incorporate some ideas on simplicity and weight, which looked plausible after looking at this plane. And that I would love to try them. I asked her what she thought.
She said, “I kinda like your airplane.”
She talked for a moment about the trips we had taken over the years to Colorado and Tulsa and Atlanta and to south Texas to see her mom and to RR and such. She talked about how we could still do these family visits and even an occasional local sight seeing flight again.
It was very encouraging for her to voice these warmhearted thoughts, not to mention it gave me a moment to recover from mild whiplash.
So I come away from a great several-week ride of being a side-by-sider with a warm heart. And with a few ideas to try someday. There is a little letdown feeling as I walk away.
But as I stand here leaning on the longeron, a finished and well-worn longeron, I see the altimeter and the GPS, and that new engine monitor gauge, and the prospect for the new year looks good.
We wish the same for you-
Bill and Claudene

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