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Brock Parts
« on: January 16, 2018, 12:28:24 AM »
I've collected up a number of Brock parts over the years and finally started putting it on a database.

If you have collected up parts the new guys could be reassured to start building them.  Send me the exact part number and the price.  (I use 75% of my last known Brock catalog for unused and 50% of the same for used but usable parts. 
Lots of manual speed brake and manual nose gear parts are roaming around.  Most of the other stuff is pretty easy to make - except the GU elevator hinge stuff - and I've fallen into a few of them recently too.

If you have Brock parts and want me to put them in a master list for sale, or if you think you need to manufacture everything these days as Brock has been gone a long time, get in touch, I can stop by my parts stored at the hangar and see if I might save you some work.  If Brock were charging for things today, his prices would be double - after all the US Dollar has been devalued by all those wars and spending beyond collecting taxes.

David Orr
949-939-1479 David at CanardFinder dot net
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