Author Topic: Don’t go away mad, just go away. I did!  (Read 2662 times)

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Don’t go away mad, just go away. I did!
« on: January 21, 2006, 12:02:37 PM »
I have left the Yahoo canard group, and cancelled my Yahoo account because of Yahoo’s caving in to the government’s subpoena for its search records.  (AOL and MSN succumbed also.)  Google is resisting the subpoena.

Yes, I know, *this time* the request was not for personal information, however who cannot see the “foot in the door,” or the “handwriting on the wall”?

Recently, Graham Shevlin made a proposal (in the Yahoo group) for a “merger” of and CSA that seems like a natural for canardians.  Here’s my vote for his basic idea.

In keeping with putting my money where my mouth is, consider this post as my pledge to contribute $100 to the merger, as Graham’s proposal unfolds into fact.

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Don’t go away mad, just go away. I did!
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2006, 01:34:25 PM »
I appreciate the willingness of everyone to put their money where their mouth is! I've had several people email offers of support. From a financial standpoint the Google ads we placed at the top of the main page last month are going to be adequate to expand and allow us to continue hosting the CSA picture archive as well as an expanded member section. The new member section is going to allow everyone to upload their own pictures and edit their own info, links, etc. Look for it soon.

As far as a merging of CSA into, etc. I can't speak for Terry but my opinion is their are too many members that just do not use the Internet and a printed newsletter is by far the best option. I think we should all support the CSA newsletter in it's present form. Terry and I will continue to work together with the picture archive and anywhere else that makes sense. I'm open to any ideas and I'm sure Terry is as well.

I agree 100% on the Yahoo/AOL/MSN thing. My hats off to Google for resisting!

AW SIsco